Testimonials from other Site Owners

"The partnership we have forged with Clarity in the processing of WEEE has been hugely successful. Their vast knowledge of the industry has proved to be invaluable.
We look forward to a long and prosperous future together."
Darren Coggins - European Textiles

"Working with Clarity is a natural fit with our business - bringing more members of the public to our premises and allowing us to grow into new waste/recycling streams.  We believe that this sector of our business can only grow and our alliance with Clarity keeps us at the forefront of this."
Neil Woodall - Mason Metals & Halesowen Metals

"Bluskye is delighted to be associated with the Clarity Partnership. The team at Clarity have provided invaluable advice and guidance on a number of aspects of our recycling streams. The synergy between our two companies, helps to fuel our continued success."

Richard Lewis - Bluskye

"Clarity have made working in a WEEE compliance scheme uncomplicated and seamless, fitting in with our existing recycling business.The public's response to recycling electrical goods has been overwhelmingly positive and we envisage this side of our business going from strength to strength workng closely with Clarity."

Andy Lunt - R&A Recycling ltd

 “We enjoy working with companies who, like us, are passionate about recycling, local and committed to making a difference. We work with Clarity because they are all of these things. Our WEEE collections are going from strength to strength because of our partnership with them.”

Jo Lacey - Magpie Co-Operative